Youth Outreach – May 4, 2018

Youth Outreach Photo

Youth Outreach Photo

On May 4, several club members visited Glenelg Country School located in Howard County, Maryland. Our audience for the visit was the entire 8th-grade history class of about 65 students. The students are studying the U.S. Industrial Revolution and the Gilded Age.

We had put together a short slide presentation of the Ford assembly line and talked about the Ford manufacturing philosophy to assemble near the points of distribution as opposed to how automobile manufacturers generally assemble vehicles at one or two U.S. assembly
plants and then transport the finished cars to the point of sale.

After the slide show we went outside to show the students the Model   A’s and talked about the many differences in automobiles of today.

We had the students in small groups to look over the cars. The students were allowed to get into the cars and see how small they are compared to modern cars. A good number of questions were generated by the students about the car controls.

Jon Miller had attended the school for a short period of time and took some of the club members on a tour of the former manor house where he attended classes.

Our group then traveled to a local eatery to do what most Model A folks love to do, and that is eat and chat about our great hobby.

Thanks to the following members who came out for the school visit: Butch Cornes, Bud Carroll, Ron Fayer, Don Keller, Steve Meyer, Jon Miller, Raymond Ray, and Scotty and Jeanette Scott.

We will probably be doing a return visit to Glenelg Country School
next year.

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