President’s Message

Dave McLeish, GBMAFC 2018 President

Dave & Laurie McLeish with their Town Sedan (slant windshield)

Welcome to the website of the Greater Baltimore Model A Ford Club!

We are a club dedicated to the history, preservation, maintenance, and use of our Model A Fords as well as the great fellowship our club provides. We also like to have lots of fun with our cars! On our website, you will find information about club officers, meeting time and place, currently scheduled club activities, and information on how to join. If you are a member of the club, I encourage you to review the “Members Only” section of our website for additional information about the club, our members, and our cars. If you are not a member, I invite you to join us. You do not need a Model A Ford to become a member, only an interest in preserving and driving these marvels of automotive history. Information on how to join our club, along with dates, times, and location for our monthly meetings, may be found on our main website home page.

Our club consists of around 100 members who own more than 140 Model A Fords. Our members share a common bond in admiring the design and engineering of the Model A Ford and the desire to keep them on the road. We take great pride in helping each other with the various maintenance regimens and repairs our cars need on a regular basis as well as participating in a lot of fun activities together.  Club members have access to a full complement of tools, including many tools specialized for the Model A, making it easier to maintain our cars. We also host several club-sponsored workshops each year where members can bring their cars to perform maintenance in the company of other experienced members or simply lend a hand to someone else.

We also encourage driving our cars whenever possible. Whether it is a week-long road trip covering 1,000 miles of travel (please take a look at our activity photos), or simply meeting for a breakfast or lunch gathering at a local restaurant, our members engage in a variety of activities that encourage participation with our cars. If you don’t have a car, that’s OK! Ride along with someone who does! The camaraderie that exists among our members is unparalleled and is one of the best attributes of our club.

There are many exciting activities planned for this year’s driving season. If you are a club member, please consider participating in as many as you can. If you are not a club member, please consider joining our club so you, too, can experience the fun and excitement of the Model A Ford and everything our club has to offer.

Come and join us!

Travel Safe,


President, Greater Baltimore Model A Ford Club

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