MARC Membership and National Meets – April, 2018

Following by Steve Meyer. Click for PDF of trip to MARC Membership Meet in Ohio –
16 photos are included: Ohio Road Trip by Steve Meyer April 2018

Following by Betty Fisher – Trip to MARC National Meet in Branson, MO:

Dick and I went to the MARC National Meet in Branson. I actually took my laptop along, deluding myself with thoughts that I might do some work on the newsletter in the evenings or other slow times. It didn’t happen.

I had always wanted to go to Branson, specifically because I wanted to see the Andy Williams Christmas Show, but somehow I never got there (there’s always plenty of time, you know)—and then Andy Williams died. No Andy, no more time. And to top it all off, our hotel  (the Radisson) was right next to the Moon River Theater. But no Andy <sigh>.

The weather in Branson was blisteringly hot. Most days were 98 or 99 degrees with very high humidity (it was like trying to breathe underwater), and to get anywhere you had to go either uphill or downhill. I don’t think there’s a flat road in the whole town—but then, it is in the Ozark Mountains, so what can you expect. We trailered our ‘29 Business Coupe to Branson, but it was so excruciatingly hot we only used it once or twice. We don’t do heat as well as we used to.

We were looking forward to getting home to more moderate temperatures, but instead the weather when we got home was much like it was in Branson — hot and muggy. It’s a bit better now, but I’m still content to stay inside, where it’s cooler, and work on the newsletter.

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