Annual Car Show – September 8, 2017

Carroll County Farm Museum
By Steve Meyer

Despite forecasted rain, the crowds were diminished due to the weather but the intrepid GBMAFC showed up with 15 cars and about 22 people.  And then about noon it started:  Steady rain for about the next two hours. Well, we didn’t want to leave in the pouring rain,
so we took a tour of the Almshouse adjacent to the pavilion and wandered through the exhibits next door. By then it was about 2 o’clock and the rain had slowed down enough for us to climb back into our drenched cars and head home. All the cars started right up and as far as I know everyone made it home safely and without incident.
Thank goodness there was only a 15% chance of rain all day. I wouldn’t want to be out driving if it was 100%!


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