The Big Cleanup – Sept. 27, 2014

By John Leydon
On September 26, 29, and 30, in conjunction with the BIG Bratton’s parking lot sale, Tom K. moved his cars out under a tree and enticed a bunch of us with promises of grilled cheeseburgers to show up at the “Kortisses Motor Works” — with gloves and back braces — to sort through some 40 years of accumulated iron and steel for transport to Mt. Airy. The crew of eight in addition to Tom included: Dave Kehne, Dan Godfrey, Norm Molter, Bud Carroll, Mike Grear, Milt Hartig, Butch Cornes, and John Leydon. We followed Tom around for two days from attic to shed to garage to barn to rafters to fields . . . with assorted pick-ups until we had about seven truck loads of original ’28 – ’31 Ford hardware for the pickings at Bratton’s. Members may read more in the November Steering Column

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