Whats Happening this Month

September 8-10 Old Car Festival: Dearborn, MI
September 15-16 Model A Days at MAFFI
September 16 Bob Lillard Memorial Antique Car Show. **Pre-1960 vehicles**
10:00am - 12:00pm Montevue Assisted Living/Citizens Care & Rehabilitation Center
Please RSVP to Jan Burdette, 301-956-6220 or janburdette@comcast.net
September 16 Pumpkin Patch Farms Yard Sale & Car Show
8 AM - 3 PM at Pumpkin Patch Farm in New Freedom, PA. The show is hosted by the Sue Hartman, and she's specifically hoping to see some Model As out there! The Pumpkin Patch is located at 17510 Susquehanna Trail New Freedom, Pa. 17349, and there is no registration necessary, Please contact Ken Godfrey at 410-371-7346 / spoon1095@comcast.net if you are interested in showing up for a fun day!
September 22 Scotty Scott and Norm will be helping Aaron Schmidt to install a Mitchell Overdrive in his car. The work will be done at Scotty's farm on Jarrettsville Pike. Please reach out to Scotty or Norm about specific times if you'd like to participate or learn from this great experience!
September 27-Oct 1 Fall Carlisle Flea Market: Carlisle, PA
September 19 7:30 PM - GBMAFC Membership Meeting
September 23 Mikey & Mel's Cruise In Cornbeef & Cars at Maple Lawn in Fulton (This event will happen once a month from March to October, 2023)