President's Message

I would like to welcome all members of the Greater Baltimore Model A Ford Club as well as visitors to our website. If you peruse these pages I believe that you will see that we have a wonderful and very active club. Our club has been in existence since 1990. Presently we have about 100 members. There are about 140 Model A vehicles on our club roster. Of course it is not necessary to own a Model A to be a member of our club. We welcome anybody interested in the Model A.

You can find a calendar of events on our website as well as information regarding our monthly meetings, club officers, Model A workshops, as well as information about joining our club. Also on our website are photos of various past club activities. These pictures will give the viewer a good idea of the variety of events that our club enjoys. The photos also show the comradery that exists in our club.

There is a great deal of knowledge about the history and mechanical workings of the Model A in our club membership. This has always been very helpful to all of us. Sharing this knowledge and helping each other with our Model As has been a longtime mark of our club.

We have many workshops and presentations aimed at keeping our vehicles on safe operating condition. This combined with the club's great collection of tools (many specialized) has been a great benefit to us all.

The Model A vehicle was built to be driven and not to gather dust. One of the reasons that our club exists is to help us enjoy driving them, maintaining them and learning about them. Members know the quality of our club. If you are not a member and share this same interest, we invite you to look into joining our club. You are welcome to share this hobby with us.

Enjoy the A!

President, Greater Baltimore Model A Ford Club