Greater Baltimore Model A Ford Club

President Bill Long

Bill is a Mechanical Engineer who spent more than 30 years as a project manager in the power plant industry. He grew up in California but, while employed by Constellation Energy, transferred to Baltimore in 1995 and has been here ever since. Now retired, he is spending a lot of his time restoring a 1929 Roadster Pickup. The truck has been in the family since 1931 when his Great Uncle purchased it and drove it to work for 30 years. It has been off the road for almost 50 years, but restoration is nearing completion and he plans to have it on the road again by the Summer of 2022.

Vice President Dan Riddle

As a lifelong automotive enthuse, I have been fortunate to work in the Automotive Industry as an ASE Certified Technician, a Fleet Manager as well as a Certified Automotive Instructor. While owning a number of "projects" over the years, including Fords and Mopars my current one is a 1966 Chevelle. Even though I don't own a Model 'A' I still have a great interest in the vehicle and it's great heritage.

Secretary Gemma Kuijpers

Gemma grew up in the Netherlands. She moved to the US in 1986 where she started working at NIH and later on at FDA as a pharmacologist. She was always intrigued by the looks of modern cars, until a friend sparked her interest in ancient automobiles when he took her on an 850-mile Lancia Lambda tour from England to Italia in 2011. She decided to get a Model A after seeing two half-restored Model T's parked at a rural gas station in Indiana and joined the GBMAC shortly thereafter in 2019. She is very much looking forward to having an 'A-Ford' at her 1922 home in Old Town Laurel and learn about its inner workings. Gemma is also actively involved in music and plays the violin and the accordion.

Treasurer Norm Molter

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National Representative Jeff Whitsett

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Activities Gary Goldman

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Membership Perry Lynch

Perry joined the club in April 2022, after "The A Team" successfully breathed life into his 1929 Huckster's Wagon. “Rosie” had been stored in a family garage for 28 years before coming to Maryland. Perry's Model A has been in the family since 1966, and was frequently seen on the roads in West Virginia, Ohio ,and Kentucky until she was parked in the early 1990s. Now, she safely cruises the local roads round Columbia and Catonsville whenever the weather is clear! As a member of this club, Perry is looking forward to building new friendships with fellow A lovers, creating Model A memories with his wife and kids, and continuing to add miles and maintenance logs to Rosie. If you have any questions about membership in the GBMAFC membership, please feel free to contact Perry.