Greater Baltimore Model A Ford Club

President Kevin Mueller

I grew up in the Baltimore area. My first ride in a Model A was when I was fourteen, and I have been hooked ever since. In 1992 I acquired my first Model A, a 1930 Deluxe Roadster. Jim Kellett, a charter member of GBMAFC, introduced me to the the Model A club in 1993. I joined, of course. I have served the club in the past as Activities Chair and am presently serving my second hitch as both the club secretary and historian.

Vice President Dan Riddle

As a lifelong automotive enthuse, I have been fortunate to work in the Automotive Industry as an ASE Certified Technician, a Fleet Manager as well as a Certified Automotive Instructor. While owning a number of "projects" over the years, including Fords and Mopars my current one is a 1966 Chevelle. Even though I don't own a Model 'A' I still have a great interest in the vehicle and it's great heritage.

Secretary Gemma Kuijpers

Gemma grew up in the Netherlands. She moved to the US in 1986 where she started working at NIH and later on at FDA as a pharmacologist. She was always intrigued by the looks of modern cars, until a friend sparked her interest in ancient automobiles when he took her on an 850-mile Lancia Lambda tour from England to Italia in 2011. She decided to get a Model A after seeing two half-restored Model T's parked at a rural gas station in Indiana and joined the GBMAC shortly thereafter in 2019. She is very much looking forward to having an 'A-Ford' at her 1922 home in Old Town Laurel and learn about its inner workings. Gemma is also actively involved in music and plays the violin and the accordion.

Treasurer Hunter Fanney

Hunter has been involved in the Model A hobby for over 20 years. He has a passion for restoring automobiles to their original condition. Hunter frequently participates in the judging of fine point cars at National Meets held by the Model A Restorers Club. His own 1929 Special Coupe has won numerous national awards including the coveted Henry Ford Award. In addition to his Model A related activities, Hunter is actively involved in the restoration and judging of vintage Corvettes. Hunter recently retired as a Senior Research Scientist form the National Institute of Standards and Technology after a 40 year career focused on solar energy and sustainable building practices. He is often accompanied by his wife, Rosa, at Model A events.

National Representative Jon Miller

Jon has been a member of the Greater Baltimore Model A Ford Club since January 2011, following his retirement from a 35-year career as a Senior Executive with the Department of Defense. For several years, Jon has been an active Executive Board member both as past President of the club and currently as National Representative. Jon's passion has always been antique cars which is realized through his ownership of a 1931 Model A Slant Windshield Town Sedan. Being able to join with other club members in driving our Model A's on club tours and help keep their Model A's on the road is all part of the fun and reward of being a member of this fantastic club!

Activities Kyle Barrow

Kyle has had his 1930 Tudor Sedan for ten years now, the farthest it has ever taken him was Toronto, Canada. Hopefully many more miles too go, as long as he can keep the wheels on tight.

Membership Andrew Reymer

Andrew graduated high school in Lancaster, PA, deemed most funny and least likely to succeed. To avoid terminal mellowness Andrew traveled to a former war-zone and became the first exchange student received by the country of Croatia on the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program. In college Andrew enjoyed the convivial atmosphere and studied Eastern European History with a focus on Ex-Yugoslavia. More recently, Andrew inherited his paternal grandfather's 1930 Ford Model A Roadster and then immediately joined the GBMAFC. Since joining the club in 2018 and the board in 2019 as Membership Director Andrew has enjoyed the trials and tribulations of owning and maintaining his Roadster. In addition to sharing this hobby with his family and two young children Andrew is looking forward to retirement in 2045 and spending more time working on his Model A.