Mudgett’s Body Shop – May 3, 2019

by Dave Kehne
It was foggy with a little drizzle on the way to Mudgett’s. Mike and Mary Grear, Milt Hartig, Don Keller, Steve Meyer, Jon Miller, Ken and Vicky Miller, Dave Stuges, Bud Carroll, Butch Cornes, Chris Millirons and I made the trip. There were 9 A’s and Milt’s 56 Vicky. Only one member drove modern.

Tom Mudgett started as a one man shop and now has 25 employees. In 2002 his place was destroyed by fire and the location where they are now was built. Keeping up with the auto industry technology is an ongoing learning process. Bright work is now all on plastic as well as many painted parts. Aluminum body damage is more difficult to repair then steel and requires many different tools. After market parts, if used, generally don’t fit or align well which requires more hands on fitting.

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