GBMAFC Christmas party – Dec. 9, 2018

2019 Board Members at the GBMAFC Christmas Party

2019 Board Members at the GBMAFC Christmas Party

The annual GBMAFC Christmas party was held at the Olive Grove Restaurant on Sunday, December 9th, 2018. It was a cold day and only one Model A showed up driven by our intrepid club president Dave McLeish and his “copilot’ Laurie. I can personally attest to the fact that he wore two pairs of socks to keep his shoeless feet from freezing!
As for the rest of us I think we made a wise choice to “go modern”.

Once inside things warmed up a bit with the holiday spirit and good cheer. The musical duo of Jason and the Gee strings serenaded about 65 of us with songs from the past while we mingled and listened to the entertainment.

Many thanks to Don and Linda Keller for their hard work in finding the restaurant and the entertainment. It all was a great success!

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