Youth Outreach – May 11, 2018

by Dave Sturges –  Elementary School Visit

On May 11, three club members visited an Elementary School in Howard County, Maryland. The purpose of this school  visit was to talk with second graders in the Gifted and Talented curriculum (or so we thought).

When we arrived at the school, the teacher asked if we would be willing to show the cars to the entire second grade. Seems word of our visit had leaked out to all of the second graders. Naturally, we agreed.

We spent about fifteen minutes in the classroom talking about the Ford Motor Company and the moving assembly line before going outside to look over three Model A Fords. The other second graders came out afterward, and we very briefly showed them the cars and
made some comparisons to modern cars.

Club members who attended were Steve Meyer with his 1929 Fordor, Jon Miller and his 1931 Slant Windshield Fordor, and Dave Sturges with his 1928 Special Coupe. After school we traveled to the Dandelion Bakery and Bistro for a very enjoyable lunch.

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