Mission BBQ – July 14, 2018

Eight Model A’s and fourteen members of the club met at the Mission BBQ in Laurel, Maryland on July 14 for lunch. At twelve noon every day Mission BBQ plays the national anthem. Everyone in the restaurant, including the employees, stopped what they
were doing and stood at attention as our national anthem was played. It was very moving and a big part of the Mission BBQ ethos. After lunch we divided into three groups and reconvened at the Montpelier Mansion on the other side of Laurel.

The mansion was built between 1781 and 1785 by Major Thomas Snowden and his wife, Anne Ridgley Snowden. In the late 18th century Thomas Snowden was an important landowner in Prince George’s County. He owned over 9000 acres at one time, but now only the house and 70 acres remain of what once was a large plantation with an array of outbuildings.

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