Jonathan Hager House and the Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum – June 3, 2017

…by Steve Meyer

On Saturday, June 3, ten GBMAFC members made the long journey to
Hagerstown, MD. I say long because we took the roads less traveled!
Butch Cornes, Dave Kehne, Milt Hartig, Don and Linda Keller, Mike
and Mary Grear, Jon Miller, Ron Fayer, and I traveled in five Model A’s
across gently rolling foothills crisscrossed with freshly plowed farm
fields, up and down steep mountain grades, following crystal clear
rocky rivers, and through the bustling downtown streets of Hagerstown
to reach the city founder’s humble two-story home with a fresh, clear
spring in the basement. We arrived in only 5 Model A’s because (a) we
wanted to carpool for environmental reasons, (b) our cars weren’t running,
or (c) because we wanted to take advantage of the club ride-along

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