Southern Virginia Tour – July 16-22, 2016

 By Jon Miller

The story begins a few days before departure when most of the intrepid travelers were making final preparations for the trip and ensuring their Model A’s were ready for the first overnight Club road trip of the year. Our group, consisting of Steve Meyer (Tour Leader), John Leydon, Bud Carroll, Don Keller, Ken and Nancy Godfrey, Laura and Harvey Hack, Milt Hartig, Sally and Bill Lermond, and yours truly Jon Miller, had been eagerly anticipating this trip for many months. You just know that the nine cars participating on this road trip were being serviced, tuned up, and cleaned up to provide their passengers with the best possible ride for this seven-day excursion. Click to read Jon’s complete story,  TRIP TO VIRGINIA (PDF)


Roderick Durrell of Oklahoma was traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway in his 2003 Corvette, stopping at the various overlooks to enjoy the magnificent views. As he passed a particular overlook, he saw the group of Model A vehicles from our club, so he hit the brakes and made a quick U-turn to enter from the far end of the lot. Rod said that even though several of our Model A’ers gave him some good-natured ribbing about his Corvette, he couldn’t help but think that a Model A would be a nice complement to his 1972 Mustang Grange Coupe.

As the cars began pulling out of the overlook, Rod decided to take a video, and he has graciously shared it with us. Click HERE to see the video – opens in a new window on You Tube.

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