Cumberland Antique Car and Truck Show – Sept. 15-18

By Steve Meyer

As we gathered together at the McDonald’s in Frederick there was a deep sense of foreboding in the air. Before we even met that morning we had lost our fearless leader, Bud Carroll, because his wife took a fall that caused her to break her shoulder just the night before our departure that morning! Bud spent most of the night in a hospital at Phena’s bedside and would need to spend the weekend taking care of her. We wish you, Phena, a speedy recovery! Luckily, Butch agreed to pick up the reins and get us going westbound. Oh, but wait—we already had two breakdowns before meeting up in Frederick! Milt Hartig had some electrical problem, and Kenny Godfrey had a loose alternator that
caused his fan belt to fly off. These were only minor issues for this Model A gang and really caused hardly any delay at all…but were they harbingers of troubles to come? Was there a dark cloud hanging over us that we could not detect? Time would tell.
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