Butch’s Train Garden – January 21, 2017

Breakfast at Bob Evans and Butch’s Train Garden –  January 21
by Steve Meyer

On a dreary, foggy Saturday morning the following GBMAFC club members gathered for breakfast at the Bob Evans Restaurant in Eldersburg.

After a huge breakfast (at least mine, anyway), we said our goodbyes to those not going to Butch’s, and Tom, Bob, Mike, Dave, Bud, Ken and Nancy, and I made our way cross-country to Butch’s house. He has a fantastic layout comprised of trains and lots of train paraphernalia collected over an entire lifetime! He never sets it up the same way twice ’cause he doesn’t have to! He has many different themes and different ways to lay things out. Overall the trains ran well and we only saw several minor derailments. (They were the engineer’s fault!)

We enjoyed ourselves greatly and thank Butch and Mary Jo for their wonderful hospitality!

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