Automotive Open House – July 9, 2017

by Steve Meyer – photos below

On Sunday July 9th the six of us met up at Rita’s on Frederick road around 8:30AM. Our group was made up of Milt, Jon, Butch, Bud, Dave, Ron ( traveling with Jon), and myself. Ron wanted to take pictures of us traveling through Ellicott City past the train station and the railroad bridge so he and Jon went ahead by a few minutes. After waiting the rest of us pulled out of Rita’s and slowly wound down the hill into old Ellicott City. About half way down the hill at 8:45 in the morning we hear Dave’s horn steadily sounding off waking up the town!! As most of you know Dave is a great mechanic so he had the horn disconnected before I could get out of my car to find out what was going on. Within a minute sleepy Ellicott City went back to snoozing! We again proceeded down that steep grade and as we approached the station Ron and Jon took pictures as we cruised on by. After we passed them we gathered up on the other side of the bridge and continued our journey to CCBC

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