Fall Workshop at John LeBon’s- Nov., 2016

It was a great day as 13 men and about 8 Model A’s plus a few modern cars made their way to John LeBon’s for a day to fix a few problems.

The day really got started when Butch showed up with the donuts and I got there with the coffee. Those present were Jim Gregory, Harvey Hack, Pete Lee, Dick Alexander, Butch Cornes, Dave Sturges, Ron Fayer, Mike Grear, Don Keller, Raymond Ray, David Shahan, John Le-Bon, and myself.

Some of the things worked on that day were LeBon’s carburetor and a T wheel that needed a tube, a couple of distributors that needed work, windshield vacuum tubes that had to be cleaned to allow air flow, tail- light problems, and a radiator problem. Also, a few men helped John in-stall the hood on his ‘37 Packard. I think that should be a billable repair, being a Packard. John also had a water pump that had a lot of end play.

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