Annie and Matt’s Wedding – May 27, 2016

By Ed Hug

Every year at Christmas we share breakfast with our old neighbors and good friends Tom and Robin. Previous years the kids were included, but now they are all grown up. This year it was our turn to host the event at our house in Pasadena, MD. Everything was normal until after we ate and Tom and I retired to the living room to just sit and chat. I could sense that there was something he wanted to ask me, and finally he did. His youngest daughter, Annie, was getting married this year and she wanted me to drive her to her wedding in my 1930 Tudor Sedan. The date was to be May 27, 2016 ay Kurtz’s Beach in Pasadena, MD. I told Tom that I would be honored to do this for her.

The week prior to the wedding I spent detailing the car. It had to look perfect for Annie and her new husband, Matt. The day finally arrived and it was hot. It had to be at least 90 degrees with no breeze and tons of humidity. When I arrived at Tom’s house to get Annie, I mentioned to her that the Model A did not have air conditioning and that after the pictures, maybe she might want to ride in a modern car. Her reply was absolutely not and she and her Maid of Honor and one Bridesmaid would be riding in the Model A no matter what! This was her day and she really looked forward to it, so off we went. Those three young ladies had a ball.

We arrived at Kurtz’s Beach and were told to drive around the back so that no one would see the bride before the wedding. We all got out and I left the car out back. We no sooner got inside when one of the event people asked me to move the car. I asked whether to move it to the parking lot or the field. They quickly told me that the family asked that I put the car at the front entrance. They wanted everyone to see how Annie arrived at her wedding. So there it sat for the entire time.

After the wedding, I then drove Annie and her husband Matt home. As we left the facility, Matt asked if I could blow the horn, which I did, but evidently the first attempt was not enough. He asked again, so this time I really laid on it. They were thrilled. Here, below, are some of the pictures we took.


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