Gettysburg “Newbie” Tour – August 21 – 23

Gettysburg “Newbie” Tour
Dick Alexander

We could not have asked for better weather for our trip August 21-23 – warm, clear, and dry. All of the cars performed well and everyone made it home safely. There were two Newbies planning to drive their “A’s,” but due to engine problems neither was able to drive their car.

At 8:00 PM Friday night there were two loud booms heard by everyone outside the hotel. It seems an electric line going to the power station behind the hotel broke, causing the first explosion. This then resulted in a second explosion within the power station. As a result of the second boom, there was a total power outage at the hotel. At three minutes before
midnight the power returned. Four hours without TV, bath water, internal phone service, and electric lights made it seem like the old days. The “battery candles” lighting the lobby only added to the old-time atmosphere.

Our “ghost tour” on Saturday night was not exactly as planned. We were  to have the Orphanage Tour, but were given the Jennie Wade tour. However, after the Jennie Wade tour, one of our guides gave us an abbreviated Orphanage Tour. Thus, we were able to participate in both tours.

With all things considered, perhaps this should go down a s a real Model A Era tour – no lights, no indoor plumbing, and no phones! [Members may read more on page 18 of our newsletter.]


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