Fall Workshop — November 1, 2014

By Steve Meyer

Oh, what a miserable day!! The forecast called for rain and not one drop fell! I and many others that day got skunked because we listened to the forecast and did not drive our A’s! Lesson learned—better to drive your A in the rain than to drive modern with no rain! In the end everyone that did show up had a great time and, I am sure, learned a thing or two!
Butch supplied the coffee and donuts to get us warmed up (it was a cold day) and Sue and John fed us a fantastic lunch. In between there were parts dis-cussions, sandblasting, tool discussions, more sandblasting, discussions on this, that, and everything else, and even more sandblasting. I might add that the sandblasting started even before the coffee and donuts arrived! In be-tween all the discussions and sandblasting some of us even found time to brave a short but chilly ride in John’s Model T! (I trust the car, but the driver….)
We all had a great time if you enjoy sandblasting, Model A’s, Model T’s, and last but certainly not least, coffee, donuts, and lunch.

Photos compliments of Steve Meyer and Jim Gregory

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