2016 Activities

Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department Train Garden (VTF) - Dec 2016

Sixteen members and two guests attended the last official club event for 2016 at the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department's Christmas train garden. Five Model As made the trip in spite of morning temperatures in the upper 20s. Photos

GBMAFC Christmas Party – Dec. 3, 2016

It didn't feel much like Christmas time outside, with the fairly moderate temperatures for December, but we managed to pack the holiday spirit inside Friendly Farm Restaurant. Sixty-two club members signed up for the event. Friendly Farm had done a great job of decorating the room, and the poinsettia centerpieces brought by our party planers, Pam Alexander and Betty Fisher, added to the festive look of the room.
Gary Goldman entertained us with his piano skills as we gathered and mingled and socialized. Everyone commented how good he is! A slide show of the club's activities throughout the year was available on a TV monitor. Thelma Driver offered a prayer before dinner, and the Friendly Farm staff invited tables to the buffet. As always, and as expected, the food was outstanding. Photos

Fall Workshop at John LeBon's - Nov., 2016

It was a great day as 13 men and about 8 Model A's plus a few modern cars made their way to John LeBon's for a day to fix a few problems. The day really got started when Butch showed up with the donuts and I got there with the coffee. Those present were Jim Gregory, Harvey Hack, Pete Lee, Dick Alexander, Butch Cornes, Dave Sturges, Ron Fayer, Mike Grear, Don Keller, Raymond Ray, David Shahan, John Le-Bon, and myself. Some of the things worked on that day were LeBon's carburetor and a T wheel that needed a tube, a couple of distributors that needed work, windshield vacuum tubes that had to be cleaned to allow air flow, tail- light problems, and a radiator problem. Also, a few men helped John in-stall the hood on his ‘37 Packard. I think that should be a billable repair, being a Packard. John also had a water pump that had a lot of end play. Photos

Annual Club Picnic – Oct. 1, 2016

The annual club picnic was held on October 1, and although the weather was not ideal, several days of rain tapered off that morning and the picnic was dry. Approximately two dozen members and guests enjoyed good food and fellowship, while a few brave souls ventured into the pasture to greet the resident cows. Photos

Trip to Cumberland A & T Show – September 16-18, 2016

Our intrepid master recruiter, Bud Carroll, successfully pulled together the largest group in recent recorded history to make the trek to Cumberland for the Model A and Model T car show held in downtown Cumberland on Saturday, September 17, 2016. Laura and Harvey drove their modern car (fittingly, a red car serving as our “caboose”) with the rest of us driving nine Model As. Of special note was Dave’s generosity in driving his Model A pickup truck carrying three bicycles, one each for me, Bud, and Milt, so we could ride the bike trail from Frostburg to Cumberland Photos

Car Show – September 10, 2016

Photos from our Car Show, thanks to Barb Mattson. Photos

Lincoln Highway Jubilee – Sept. 3, 2016

On September 3, 2016, several club members drove to Caledonia State Park in Fayetteville, PA (about 15 miles west of Gettysburg) to display their Model As at the Lincoln Highway Jubilee celebration. It was a beautiful, cool morning that was perfect for driving, especially since Hurricane Hermine had moved far enough into the Atlantic and only brought a breeze and intermittent clouds to the path of our Saturday drive Photos

Southern Virginia Tour – July 16-22, 2016

The story begins a few days before departure when most of the intrepid travelers were making final preparations for the trip and ensuring their Model A’s were ready for the first overnight Club road trip of the year. Our group, consisting of Steve Meyer (Tour Leader), John Leydon, Bud Carroll, Don Keller, Ken and Nancy Godfrey, Laura and Harvey Hack, Milt Hartig, Sally and Bill Lermond, and yours truly Jon Miller, had been eagerly anticipating this trip for many months. You just know that the nine cars participating on this road trip were being serviced, tuned up, and cleaned up to provide their passengers with the best possible ride for this seven-day excursion. Click to read Jon’s complete story below.
Roderick Durrell of Oklahoma was traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway in his 2003 Corvette, stopping at the various overlooks to enjoy the magnificent views. As he passed a particular overlook, he saw the group of Model A vehicles from our club, so he hit the brakes and made a quick U-turn to enter from the far end of the lot. Rod said that even though several of our Model A’ers gave him some good-natured ribbing about his Corvette, he couldn’t help but think that a Model A would be a nice complement to his 1972 Mustang Grange Coupe. As the cars began pulling out of the overlook, Rod decided to take a video, and he has graciously shared it with us.
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